Custom Toll Blending & Packaging
KTS has over 35 years of formulary experience. We offer our own chemistries or will blend according to customer supplied formulas and specifications.

Product Support & Development
KTS assists in the development of individualized water treatment products and programs. We offer environmentally-friendly cooling and boiler water treatment programs. Each program is designed for your facility’s water quality, equipment, metallurgy and operational requirements.

Regulatory Support & Training
Our mission is to stay at the leading edge of technology and information as it pertains to water. We have the in-house capabilities to prepare the required SDS and labeling for the products we produce. Training programs related to new standards, regulations and product applications affecting our industry are available.

Our consulting team consists of Certified Water Technologists (CWT) and industry leaders with over 200 years of combined technical field experience.

Lab Services
KTS’s 24,000 sq. ft. facility and in house laboratory, located in York, PA, is home to an extensive array of equipment and professional staff all dedicated to serving our customers.

RO Membrane Cleaning/Autopsy
Through our partnership with GENESYS, we offer state of the art RO membrane cleaning procedures and autopsies. We use the data from the membrane autopsies to design the most effective treatment and operating programs for your Reverse Osmosis systems.

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